Campaign 32 pushes other states to stiffen background checks

In the aftermath of the worst campus shooting rampage in U.S. history, Virginia set an example that the families of victims at Virginia Tech want other states to follow.

This month, the Virginia Tech Victims Family Outreach Foundation launched Campaign 32 to identify a potential loophole in other states’ criminal background check requirements that Virginia closed after Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people 10 years ago.

The previous loophole allowed Cho to purchase firearms even though he had been found to be a danger to himself or others and was ordered by a court to undergo mental health treatment on an outpatient basis - which at the time did not require him to be listed on a national criminal incident registry that would have prevented him from legally buying a gun.

Virginia closed the loophole to ensure that outpatient treatment would carry the same weight as inpatient treatment in requiring a person to be listed on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, but the foundation says other states haven’t taken the same step. FULL ARTICLE