10th Annual HireRight Benchmark Survey Finds 48 Percent of Employers Do Not Rescreen Employees, Desp

HireRight, a leading provider of global employment background checks, drug and health screening, and electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify solutions, today announced findings from its 10th Annual HireRight Employment Screening Benchmark Survey. HireRight’s report explores key issues, trends, and underlying business drivers affecting background check programs of U.S. organizations, and compares these findings to survey results over the last decade.

For example, although current employees present significant ongoing organizational risk due to their access to company assets, customers, and other employees, the HireRight survey found that 48% of employers do not rescreen their personnel post-hire – surprisingly only a 5% decrease from five years ago (53%), despite the opportunity that rescreening offers organizations to reduce their operating risk. For those businesses that do rescreen, the majority do so when employees are promoted or change roles. Just 10% of respondents rescreen contingent and/or contract workers – down significantly from 31% in 2013. FULL RELEASE