Evictions a Continuing Challenge in American Housing; Opines

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) April 24, 2017

Housing evictions continue to increase across the country as the housing market remains hot in key markets and creates significant challenges for existing renters versus the potential of new, higher paying tenants. Adam Almeida, President and CEO of offers the opinion that: "As the housing market remains hot and demand high, evictions will continue to rise and cause considerable impact on the rental market, indicating that landlords and property managers immediately work with a third-party tenant screening company in order to stay fully compliant with existing and new law governing eviction."

Across the United States evictions have increased in frequency and have become relatively commonplace in hot housing markets, such as New York City and Milwaukee.

On a recent NPR radio broadcast Harvard Professor Mathew Desmond stated:

"There are 40 evictions a day that happen in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and 60 marshal evictions a day in New York City. The last time we rolled out the American Housing Survey, we asked renters: ‘do you think you'll be evicted soon?' and 2.8 million renting homes said ‘yes' to that question. It looks like we've moved from a place where eviction used to be pretty rare in our cities to a place to where we're evicting people not in the tens and hundreds of thousands, but rather millions." (; Apr. 03, 17) (1) FULL RELEASE

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