Ban the Box for Crime but Discriminate Over Past Pay

Stop asking job applicants about criminal records but continue to discriminate against those with an unacceptable past pay history. Does that make sense to you?

One state proposes to "Ban the Box" on employment forms that must be checked to disclose any criminal background. At the same time, they have no problem with permitting instant discrimination against applicants with unacceptable prior income levels.

Killed someone before? No problem, if the justice system says you have paid your debt to society and are safe to walk free to lead a productive life henceforth. A few (or even many) mistakes should not automatically make you ineligible for a job. After all, how are ex-cons expected to rehabilitate themselves if they are arbitrarily denied employment over some bad decision that has now been rectified, repaid or properly punished? The proposed protective anti-bias legislation is sensible, with obvious exceptions. It also permits exploration of criminal history after initial screening suggests the candidate appears to have the qualifications for the opening. FULL ARTICLE