Survey Finds Less Than 25 Percent of Businesses Assess Employee Risk Post-Hire


While more than 98% of businesses conduct pre-hire background checks on potential new employees, less than one-quarter of businesses proactively screen current employees - exposing CXOs and Boards to significant safety, security and compliance risks. However, business and security executives are 3 times more interested in closing the employee security gap than HR and IT. These are just some of the key findings from the Endera Insider Risk Survey of nearly 300 executives.

1 in 1,000 employees are arrested every month, but only 1 in 4 CXOs surveyed believe they would know if an employee had a recent criminal incident - as most businesses cease background screenings at the point of hire. At the same time, insider threat management cyber security tools focus only on data and device level behavior, data loss prevention or identity and access management – creating a blind spot for executives increasingly accountable for risks posed by employee behavior.

Additional key findings of the Endera Insider Risk Survey: FULL RELEASE

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