New bill adds extra step for licensed gun dealers for failed background checks

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- Every year, thousands of potential gun buyers fail background checks because of their criminal history. Now, a new bill would alert authorities to the potentially dangerous issue.

“You have committed a crime. That's an unlawful attempt to buy a firearm," said Representative Drew Hansen.

Representative Hansen is the main sponsor of House Bill 1501.

He said the bill outlines a plan to follow up on people who tried to illegally buy a gun.

Under current law, licensed gun dealers have to run an FBI background check and deny the purchase if the person fails.

Under this bill, dealers will have to notify state patrol of the failed attempt to get their hands on a weapon.

Reports show last year in our state there were 3,000 failed background checks.

"That's a big number. I don't think those are all just mistakes. There is some part of those that are people just trying to gain the system and see if they can slip through. That's who we think we need to go after criminally because that's a public safety risk," said Hansen. FULL ARTICLE

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