Background Check Expert Explains Why Past Employment Checks Are Critical to Hiring Process at SHRM T

Speaking at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2017 Talent Management Conference & Exposition, Attorney Lester Rosen, founder and CEO of Employment Screening Resources® (ESR), said “not checking the past employment of potential new hires is one of the biggest mistakes employers can make,” according to a SHRM article about the presentation.

“Many human resources professionals believe that how a person has performed in the past is the single best indicator of how they will perform for you at your business,” said Rosen, the author of ‘The Safe Hiring Manual’ and a frequent speaker on background check issues. He also said that an employer has a vested interest in finding out how successful the applicant was in previous jobs.

Rosen told SHRM that it is “always possible that a person’s past performance may have been hampered by factors beyond their control, such as a dysfunctional team, lack of clear goals or resources, or a supervisor that micromanaged or mismanaged. However, a new prospective employer still needs to try to obtain as much information as possible about past performance.”

Rosen described resumes as “essentially a marketing tool for an applicant” and said employers need to be concerned when “chest-puffing crosses the line into fabrication” since applicants who use lies and fabrications to get hired may continue with the same type of dishonesty once they have the job. He revealed that a few of the most common fabrications on resumes claimed by job applicants are:

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