Safe Hiring Video Featuring Attorney Lester Rosen Shows Employers How to Avoid Bad Hires

Business training video producer Kantola Productions has released an updated version of the DVD ‘Safe Hiring: How You Can Avoid Bad Hires’ featuring Attorney Lester Rosen, the founder and CEO of global background check firm Employment Screening Resources® (ESR) and author of ‘The Safe Hiring Manual.’

The 23 minute long safe hiring video provides viewers with specific methods for screening out criminal or dishonest job candidates, including five powerful interview questions. Rosen explains techniques and background checks that are easy to implement and will not cost employers money. Viewers of the video will learn:

  • Why “Ban the Box” laws and EEOC guidance discourage the automatic elimination of applicants with a criminal history applying for certain positions.

  • How an “Individualized Assessment” can allow qualified ex-offenders who would otherwise do a good job communicate why they would make a great employee, thereby countering the potentially discriminatory impact of automatic elimination.

  • What to look for on application forms, and why it’s a bad idea to rely on resumes alone.

  • Five powerful interview questions that will identify applicants who have something they’re trying to hide.

  • Why you need to check references every time – even when you can’t get many details from former employers.

  • What kinds of background checks you should consider, and how to stay within legal guidelines if you make them.

  • How to keep the costs of safe hiring practices low, and what things you can do yourself with very little added time or effort. FULL ARTICLE

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