House approves ride-hailing regs for Uber, Lyft

HARTFORD — Ride-hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft would have to provide drivers with million-dollar insurance coverage and criminal background checks under legislation that was overwhelmingly approved in the House on Thursday.

The bill, which passed 103-39 after a nearly three-hour debate, would also require drivers to maintain their vehicles in good working repair. The bill heads to the Senate.

The legislation also requires non-discrimination agreements and caps on so-called dynamic pricing, when the companies charge more money for rides, such as during snowstorms.

The bill had been scheduled for a vote on Wednesday, but a proposed 25-cents-per-ride surcharge to support state transportation projects ran into opposition and was dropped from the final legislation, along with a proposed 19-point inspection paid by the ride-sharing company. FULL ARTICLE

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