More than a fifth of APAC candidates submit inaccurate information

While hiring, make sure to look out for discrepancies.

According to a recent report by HireRight, more than one in five (21.5%) background checks conducted on job candidates in the Asia Pacific region in 2016 found inaccuracies in information supplied by candidates – almost three times higher than the discrepancy rate globally (9.7%). This finding was based on the results of background checks performed by HireRight in the APAC region last year.

Discrepancies are marked when information provided by candidates does not match records of their previous places of employment, education or other relevant organisations and databases; this includes a disparity in dates of education or employment, qualifications attained, graduation dates, positions held and job responsibilities.

As more employers in APAC integrate background screening into their talent acquisition process, and more high-profile cases of CV fraud in APAC are reported in the media, candidates in the region are becoming more aware of background screening and its impact – resulting in a lower discrepancy rate compared to the previous year (29%). FULL ARTICLE

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