Measuring Past Performance When Hiring Can Create Accurate Outlook for Potential Future Success

While some businesses believe an applicant’s potential for future success is more important than their past experience when hiring, a background check expert explains that “measures of past performance can create an accurate outlook for future performance,” according to the article entitled “What’s More Important When Hiring: Future Potential or Past Performance?”posted on the Talent Economy website.

The article explains hiring for potential vs. past experience: Given how organizations are taking a more well-rounded to approach to hiring by looking for people who fit the organization’s culture and possess strong technical skills, it makes sense for some companies to consider looking beyond simply what a candidate has done in past jobs and instead focusing on their potential to learn and grow in the future.

While the approach of favoring future potential over past performance would not work for every role in the professional world – pilots or surgeons, for example – firms such as Fast Company and Workday Inc. interviewed for the article found success hiring “for a sense of shared values” and interviewing candidates about their “interests, passions and values more so than their skills,” which can develop over time.

However, Brad Landin, president and chief compliance officer at Employment Screening Resources® (ESR), an employee background check company based in the San Francisco, California area, told Talent Economy that with “a standardized application, the right questions, and professional references, measures of past performance can create an accurate outlook for future performance.” FULL ARTICLE