Should temporary staff be screened?

Background screening and other contingencies are generally put in place to ensure businesses employ the right people with limited risk. However, should the same approach be taken when hiring temporary employees?

The answer is a “definite yes” according to Rudi Kruger, GM: risk solutions at LexisNexis Data Services. “It is essential that organisations apply the same level of background screening on temporary workers or even volunteers as they would on permanent staff, as the level of risk remains the same,” he says. “While screening temps may seem to be an excessive, time consuming measure with added expenses, a pre-check can prevent avoidable situations in the future, as it provides a clearer understanding of the individual you are seeking to bring into the company fold – even if it is for a short period of time.” Temporary workers are often provided with some level of access to a company’s data and resources. This makes it imperative to have all the necessary facts about the prospective temp before the hire, as access to information should never be given to questionable characters.

“For example, a temp operating in the finance department may not have enough power to execute a full-blown scheme, but the individual could have enough information on the inner workings of your business to know how to skim your cash flow,” says Kruger. FULL ARTICLE

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