Employee Onboarding Best Practices

Employee Onboarding is an important HR function that directly impacts the engagement levels of new employees in the first few days. That’s why it is no longer treated as just another administration input after a person joins, but starts way ahead, even before the joining date and extends well beyond the first few days. Modern onboarding programs engage with the prospect even before confirmation, creating the first impression of the company. Interaction continues from this to Day 1 and beyond till the person settles down in the role. The new employee is made to feel welcome, is equipped with the necessary know-how to do well in the assigned role, and is integrated into the team culturally.

At the employer end, it makes sense to invest in an extended and intensive employee onboarding program. This is because, hiring a person involves a lot of contingent costs, and it is best that an employee once hired is retained for the long term. Research shows that employees have a higher chance of leaving the organization within the first 18 months. An effective new employee onboarding program can prevent just that, saving your company time, cost, and other expensive resources. An onboarding program can thus go a long way in improving the efficiency of hiring. It is therefore important to design the program keeping in mind the desired outcome. Today, technology has come to our aid and a number of onboarding software are out there to help with the process. Here are some of the best practices in employee onboarding:

1. Automate the process: With technology changing the way we work, live, and interact, no one has the patience to fill in reams of manual documentation on paper. Instead, consider installing an onboarding software that will have basic information to be filled in and the rest flowing in from other data sources. Configure the necessary approval processes into the onboarding workflow so that the new employee is intimated about the completion of formalities. This will create a great employee experience. FULL ARTICLE

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