Who’s Job-Hopping Now?

​Maybe Millennials don't deserve to be the only generation labeled as "job hoppers."

These days, people between ages 55 to 65 are actually job hopping almost as much as their Millennial co-workers, according to a new survey.

The survey from Namely—HR Mythbusters 2017—found that the median tenure at a job for workers between ages 25 to 35 was 1.42 years; the median tenure for those between ages 35 to 55 was just under two years; and for those between ages 55 to 65, it was 2.53 years.

The survey, released June 20, relied on data from over 125,000 employees across the U.S. who were asked about topics such as vacation time and employee tenure.

"Careers are more fluid, and it has become more socially acceptable—if not expected—to move from job to job," said Matt Straz, founder and CEO of Namely, which offers HR software and services to midsize companies. "As more opportunities arise, this [older] generation is embracing the ability to move around in their careers. Particularly at high-growth companies, there is opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to contribute their experience. It also makes sense that as new opportunities crop up, people later in their career may want to try something new that excites and challenges them, rather than stay put for the long haul."

What It Means for HR

The findings reveal that "HR teams are up against a trend of shortening tenures," the survey authors wrote. FULL ARTICLE