The American Greed Report: How to do a background check like a pro — it could save you money … and m

During the most chaotic days of North Dakota's shale oil boom, James Henrikson seemed like a reliable bet.

Thirty-two years old and exuding charisma, Henrikson had something everyone wanted during those go-go days in 2006. At a time when half the battle in North Dakota was getting workers, equipment and oil from place to place, Henrikson owned a trucking business — Blackstone Trucking.

Kristopher "KC" Clarke, an old motorcycle racing buddy of Henrikson's from Washington state, agreed to sign on as operations manager. Then a few years later, when Henrikson decided to branch out into oil drilling, he took on a partner — construction contractor Doug Carlile.

But in a story told on the next episode of CNBC's "American Greed,"Clarke and Carlile would end up dead — extreme examples of the danger of not doing a proper background check, which in Henrikson's case would have turned up multiple arrests for assault, drugs, weapons violations and fraud.

Today, Henrikson is serving two life sentences at the federal Supermax prison in Colorado, convicted on 11 murder-for-hire counts. FULL ARTICLE / VIDEO

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