The Evolution of Background Screening

Background verification is a very important part of recruitment, to ensure no black sheep becomes a part of the organization. However, it can be a tedious experience for both the candidate and the recruiter. Recruiters spend a lot of time verifying data, digging out sources, and eliminating potential risks, despite availing the services of professional background check agencies. Candidates, on the other hand, complain about never-ending response times, random questions, and in general, a lot of fuss around the process. It is the responsibility of the employer to create a great candidate experience, and therein the agency’s responsibility to streamline and modernize the background verification process for a great client experience. This is happening gradually thanks to the marriage of recruitment and technology.

In recent times background screening vendors have updated their tools and solutions in a bid to create a seamless candidate and employer experience. Some of the very visible additions have been the rise of customized features and easy standardization of data forms. Another candidate-friendly feature at the communication-end is that candidates are being updated about their progress status in real-time. Also, mobile is increasingly being used as the background check medium, allowing on-the-go action on the agenda. The recruiter is being spared operational hassles through better integration of the processes with applicant tracking systems and small changes like digital signatures.

However, this is not enough. With the rise of the gig economy, the very nature of background verification is changing. Service providers are looking at ways to verify credentials of part-time workers, freelancers, and independent contractors, who are typically more difficult to track. This change is happening, slowly but surely. Hire Right has come up with a study—a substantial 86% of companies now screen contingent workers, up from 41% just five years ago. This is a reflection of the talent landscape where organizations are relying increasingly on the gig workforce owing to their flexibility, just-in-time approach, and lower costs. FULL ARTICLE

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