Another San Francisco Treat: Mayor Lee Signs Salary History Ban

On July 19, 2017, Mayor Ed Lee signed an ordinance that will significantly affect the hiring practices of San Francisco employers. When Ordinance No. 170350 becomes operative on July 1, 2018, it will be illegal for employers to inquire about a job applicant’s salary history or to provide such information about current or former employees.1

Ordinance No. 170350 amends the San Francisco Police and Administrative Codes and applies to nearly all employers. It covers all individuals, corporations, groups, or other organizations, however structured, that are required to be registered to do business in the City. While the ordinance generally excludes governmental employers, it specifically applies to the City of San Francisco, both as an employer and a contracting party. Indeed, subject to certain exceptions, all contracts and subcontracts with the City for public works, commodities or services must include a provision requiring compliance with the salary history ordinance. FULL ARTICLE