Validity CEO, Darren Dupriest to Discuss Social Media at 2017 Missouri SHRM State Conference

OVERLAND PARK, KAN. (PRWEB) JULY 24, 2017 - Darren Dupriest, President and CEO of Validity Screening Solutions, will present at the MO SHRM (Missouri Society for Human Resource Management) State Conference on the risks and compliance issues associated with using social media throughout the pre-employment process of recruiting and hiring.

“It is becoming the norm to check an applicant’s social media profile at some point in the hiring process,” says Dupriest. “It offers insights into a candidate that are difficult to find through traditional means such as resumes and applications.” As we venture into this new and unknown territory, there are plenty of legal landmines waiting to be stepped on. This presentation identifies these landmines and provides best practice guidelines for avoiding them.

Dupriest’s presentation, “From Likes to Lawsuits: The Risks of Engaging Social Media in the Hiring Process,” will highlight the risks involved when employers incorporate social media as part of the hiring process. Attendees can expect to learn how to define “Social Network Background Checks” as outlined by the Federal Trade Commission, how to avoid FCRA violations made when information is obtained from social media, and how to understand the EEOC’s view on social information impacting employment. FULL RELEASE