ApplyConnect® Announces Additional Report Payment Options Coming Soon

Lancaster, CA (PRWEB) August 01, 2017 - ApplyConnect®, a secure, consumer-initiated tenant screening solution, is proud to announce that they will soon be enhancing their platform to enable landlord and real estate agent users to pay for their applicant's background screening report.

While the cost of ApplyConnect®'s tenant screening report is currently handled by the rental applicant, incurring no cost to the landlord or real estate agent, this upcoming feature will enable users to take on the cost of the report on behalf of the applicant (if they so desire). The report is $28.50 and includes the applicant's full Experian® credit report with VantageScore® 3.0, a nationwide criminal and eviction background check, and a sex offender registry search.

Additional features, like ApplyConnect®'s online rental application, automated decision letters with legal notices, and unique property links will continue to be free to users regardless if they opt to pay for the report or not. Their blog,, has become a nationally recognized source for property management tips and legal updates. FULL RELEASE