Trump taps Daniel Gade for final EEOC spot

Dive Brief:

  • President Trump has selected Daniel M. Gade for the last open commissioner's spot on the EEOC, where he would serve a five-year term ending July 1, 2021, the White House announced.

  • Gade previously served in the George W. Bush administration, where he worked on veterans' issues, military healthcare and U.S. disability policy. He also served on the National Council on Disability after being appointed by John Boehner in 2015.

  • If Gade is confirmed by the Senate, he will solidify a right-leaning EEOC.

Dive Insight:

Gade's nomination, if approved, will fill a seat that has been vacant since January of this year. His background indicates that he may focus on veteran employment as well as the employment of individuals with disabilities. More employers are looking to overcome talent gaps and improve diversity by turning to these untapped labor pools, so Gade would be joining the commission at a prime time.

Trump recently nominated Janet Dhillon to chair the EEOC and take over Commissioner Jenny Yang's spot. As Congress has been busy trying to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, Dhillon has yet to have her confirmation hearing (meaning it's unlikely Gade's will happen anytime soon, either). But many observers think, thanks to Dhillon's background as a corporate lawyer, that she will lead the EEOC with a more "business-friendly" voice — if she is confirmed.

Despite the leadership shakeups, the EEOC has been busy. Earlier this year, they affirmed their dedication to fighting ageism in the workplace in celebration of 50 years of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). They've also recently found themselves on the opposing side of the DOJ in a case over LGBT protections in the workplace. ###


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