False CVs: A Valid Concern for Hiring Managers

HireRight recently published its 2017 Employment Screening Benchmark Report, and the findings throw up some grave challenges that hiring managers and HR professionals face in the recruitment process. About 85% of employers discovered that job applicants’ resumes had lies in some form or the other. This is a significant increase from the 66% of employers who found such instances, five years ago.

Appalled at this distinct increase, the company delved into the possible reasons for the same. According to Mary O’Loughlin, the VP of global customer experience at the company, some of this could be attributed to the retirement of Baby Boomers in the current times. This retirement has led to a vacancy of roles that require considerable experience and high-level skills, making candidates who are not yet ready to project that they are. The easiest way to achieve this is to inflate one’s credentials and skills on the CV, in a bid to land the coveted job. This may not be the only reason, though. We are well past the Great Recession, which did not prove worthy for many candidates, with many of them being out of work then. Now, they wish to make a comeback, while covering up for that gap. FULL ARTICLE

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