Retail Giant Walmart Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Alleged FCRA Violations with Background Checks

Walmart faces a class action lawsuit that claims the retail giant allegedly violated the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)and California law by using unauthorized background checks on job applicants and employees without properly obtaining legal authorization, according to a Top Class Actions report.

Top Class Actions reports that lead plaintiff Randy Pitre claims Walmart obtained a background check on him without legal authorization under the FCRA, and argues that the company “failed to provide adequate notice of the consumer report as well as failed to secure legal authorization to obtain it.”

Walmart has “a policy and practice of procuring investigative consumer reports or causing investigative consumer reports to be procured for applicants and employees without properly and legally obtaining authorization as it included other extraneous information other than the disclosure,” the lawsuit states.

Top Class Actions reports that the class action lawsuit claims that Walmart also failed to notify for applicants and employees of “their right to request a summary of their rights under the FCRA at the same time as the disclosure explaining that an investigative consumer report may be made.” FULL ARTICLE

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