Background checks are scaring off candidates

According to a recent survey by CareerBuilder, employers are losing out candidates in the post-offer stage due to onerous background screening processes.

While background checks can be useful as a means to validate candidates and protect employers from hiring risks, it was found that negative experiences with the process resulted in 38% of employers surveyed to lose out on a candidate.

On the other hand, less than half (44%) of HR managers who do use background checks have tested out the process for themselves – and of those who have, nearly a sixth rated it as only fair as poor.

The survey was conducted among almost 2,400 hiring and human resource managers and more than 3,400 employees in the US private sector in June this year.

"Employers are aware conducting background checks is an important business process, but few invest time to evaluate the candidate experience, ease of use, simplicity, and impact on the hiring process," said Ben Goldberg, CEO of Aurico, a background screening company.

"The longer the background check process, the higher risk of losing a quality candidate to another employer. Employers should test their application and background check process and ensure candidates have a positive experience," he added.

He also suggested that HR managers keep an eye on the length of background checks, noting that they should return in less than five days. Goldberg also recommended soliciting direct feedback from candidates regarding their background screening experiences. ###