Screening's Sorry State

New research finds that most HR professionals lack confidence in their organizations' processes for screening entry-level hires.

The way in which most companies screen and assess candidates for entry level positions may be a disservice to both parties, new research suggests.

The research, based on a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management and Mercer and funded by the Joyce Foundation, finds that only one-fifth of HR professionals feel fully confident in their organization's ability to effectively assess the skills of entry-level job applicants. According to the survey, most employers rely on in-person interviews (95 percent), application reviews (87 percent) and resume reviews (86 percent) to screen candidates despite nearly half the HR professionals surveyed reporting "little or no confidence" in these methods.

"Since application and resume reviews are typically the first line of screening for job applicants, many candidates never even get to the interview," says Mercer's Barbara Marder, senior partner in its Career business. "For individuals who've historically encountered obstacles to entry-level employment, there are even greater barriers in getting past resume and application reviews, as these methods are based on subjective evaluations." FULL ARTICLE

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