Hiring expert weighs in on hiring contingent workers

In 2016, the Singaporean government estimated roughly 200,000 freelancers in the local workforce. According to advisory firm Willis Towers Watson, these workers will see a 59% growth in labour force share over the next three years. Increasingly, contingent or contract workers are becoming a go-to solution for firms looking for a workforce that’s both agile and economic. But with these advantages come a few risks as well. We spoke with Camilla de Villiers, Managing Director at HireRight, about how firms can make the most of Singapore’s growing contingent workforce. In light of the growing number of contingent workers in Singapore, especially in the tech sector, how can firms make the most of these resourcing opportunities, without compromising the security of their organisation?

Whilst there are many opportunities and benefits associated with leveraging freelance or contract talent, it also comes with its challenges. From a background screening perspective, many companies simply overlook their freelance or contract talent unless or until those individuals may become a permanent hire. Organisations should however attempt to mitigate possible risks associated with freelance or contract talent, and clearly background screening is one mechanism for doing so – to help ensure the person has the necessary credentials and experience to perform the role they are being considered for. Contract workers often have the same access to office premises, potentially confidential information, and systems or networks across the firm as would a permanent employee. Of course, they also become co-workers. FULL ARTICLE

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