Background screening is crucial during this rising wave of freelance employees

September 17, 2019

Author: Peter Cleverton, General Manager of EMEA at HireRight



The world of work is changing, and so too is the face of the modern workforce. “Temporary”, “contingent”, or “contract”, are just a few of the terms commonly used to represent workers who provide services to a business but are not permanent employees. This extended workforce has been relied upon more heavily in recent years by businesses of varying sizes and across many sectors, delivering flexibility and specialised skills in a more cost-effective way. Not only this, it often enables businesses to fill staffing vacancies more easily. 


An extended workforce has become a vital component for many of today’s leading businesses. They understand the competitive advantage that contingent workers can provide, most notably, a substantial reduction in unnecessary labour costs. For example, it may be better to hire temporary workers to cover a busy period, rather than hiring permanent staff when there is not a permanent need. This could be the reason that freelance workers have become the fastest growing division of workers in recent years. In the UAE, the government is supporting the growth of the freelance sector with the introduction of lower fees for freelance visas, which came into force last year. This has resulted in an increasing number of UAE companies turning to freelancers to fill their skills gap.    FULL ARTICLE

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