How To Get Serious About Employee Background Checks

September 24, 2019


You’ve culled through your candidates to fill an opening in your business and finally landed on someone who seems like a perfect fit. No matter how much you like your choice, though, you know better than to just trust your gut without some verification. Thorough background checks are a vital step, not only in confirming your decision about the person, but in identifying and preventing hiring decisions that could potentially harm your business, employees or customers.


It’s estimated that about three of every four businesses perform background screenings on every prospective employee. Professional background checks typically include a person’s work history, credit history, driving record, education, professional licenses and certifications, criminal record, drug screening and use of social media.

Yet the biggest disservice business owners can do themselves is to fail to ask enough questions of the company providing their background checks. Some companies have reduced staff and sent the bulk of their verification services overseas, where the process likely is streamlined in a somewhat cursory fashion.



Workers unfamiliar with the way U.S. courts work perform the equivalent of just pushing a few buttons to see if someone has a criminal record in a national database. The fact is that many more crimes are prosecuted in local districts or superior courts. So, if that attendant you want to hire for, say, an elder care position has no criminal record in the national database, they’ll likely pass the background check, despite having a record of assaults or substance abuse in state or lower courts.  FULL ARTICLE

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