Airbnb Resisted Safety Changes As Reports Mounted, Will Now Spend $150 Million More On The Problem:

The US’ largest home-sharing platform is fielding criticism and promising upgrades to its safety practices ahead of a 2020 IPO.

On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal’s Kirsten Grind and Shane Shifflett reported that Airbnb recently revealed its latest safety-improvement plans amid questions about its practices and dangerous incidents involving the platform, along with lawmakers’ rising scrutiny toward Big Tech.

Airbnb, which has been preparing to go public next year, announced earlier this month that it would be implementing multiple new sets of rules and safety tools ahead of an “[expected] 4.5 million guest stays on New Year’s Eve” around the world.

According to Grind and Shifflett, “In early December, after The Wall Street Journal provided Airbnb with written questions about safety issues, the company announced details and additional measures, including a commitment to spend $150 million on safety initiatives and the creation of a dedicated line where city officials could contact the company when issues arise.” FULL ARTICLE