5 Best Practices for Screening Job Candidates

It’s no secret that businesses need to know who their employees are before they hire them. After all, employees are the faces, voices, and values that make up the brand identity that consumers interact with. Employees define every brand. But while the importance of vetting employees hasn't changed, checking into employees' backgrounds has.

Not long ago, best practices for background checks were simple. Businesses could easily screen for criminal history and make hiring decisions accordingly. These days, the introduction of Fair Chance ordinances across the country has created more hoops and administrative steps for employers to go through — but it has also given people with criminal backgrounds or a blemish on their credit score a better chance of securing employment.

In 2012, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued official guidance, setting a standard for employers to follow to ensure background checks were “job-related and consistent with business necessity.”

Over the past decade, the movement to “ban the box” has also gained speed. The campaign seeks to allow job candidates to present their qualifications and talents in the application process before they're forced to check a box asking about their criminal record. This gives applicants a better chance to find work — especially if they have criminal charges on their records that are unrelated to the job or if they have paid their debt to society and made a change. So far, 35 states have put this practice into law for public employers and 13 states have done so for private employers. FULL ARTICLE

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