EPIC Asks Federal Trade Commission To Regulate Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Pre-Employment Scre

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has charged that HireVue, a leading provider of artificial intelligence-based pre-employment screenings, is flouting national and international standards of transparency, fairness and accountability.

EPIC filed a petition Monday asking the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to establish fair trade practices regarding the commercial use of artificial intelligence (AI). Epic is a public interest research center based in Washington, DC that focuses on privacy issue.

EPIC Counsel John Davisson said the petition “is the first formal effort to establish regulations for commercial AI use in the United States.”

The use of AI in employment screening is just one aspect of EPIC’s petition, which also cites the commercial use of AI for ranking tennis players, evaluating potential Airbnb guests, use of facial recognition for criminal justice purposes, etc.

The group claims the unregulated use of AI techniques has caused serious harm to consumers who are increasingly subject to opaque and un-provable decision-making in employment, credit, healthcare, housing, and criminal justice.

EPIC states that businesses “frequently fail to demonstrate that AI decision-making tools are accurate, reliable, or necessary—if businesses even disclose the existence of these tools to consumers in the first place” FULL ARTICLE

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