Corra Group Provides Puerto Rico Background Checks for Employment Screening

EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 18, 2020 Corra Group is providing a complete suite of Puerto Rico background checks for employment screening purposes. In most cases, the El Segundo, California headquartered background screening service is offering for Puerto Rico MVRS and criminal records, faster turnaround times than every before.

“Provided the client can give us the required documentation, Corra Group can typically turnaround Puerto Rico motor vehicle driving records and statewide criminal searches in less then a week,” said Corra Group Co-Founder, Gordon Basichis. “A few years ago the ETA on driving records was up to around sixty days, depending on he catastrophe that afflicted the island. Criminal searches, other than in the major metropolitan districts could sometimes take up to a month.

“The statewide criminal search is a very good search and is put out by the Puerto Rico State Police,” said Basichis. “Where the county criminal searches, depending on the location, can languish for as much as a month, the Puerto Rico Statewide Criminal returns typically in less than a week. The same holds true for the Puerto Rico MVRS.”

Basichis cautioned that Corra Group does not provide Puerto Rico MVRS or criminal record for personal business use of as a one off order. He noted clients can access these records for job applicants solely as part of a larger volume or orders. He advised this is due to the labor intensive nature of these searches. FULL RELEASE