Employers can now spot fake resumes with this blockchain tech

In brief

  • Job applications often fake resumes to get hired, and data verification is a complex, costly and error-prone process for recruiters.

  • EagleCheck, a Spain-based startup, has developed a blockchain solution to conduct this process efficiently and reliably.

  • The platform runs on Hyperledger and already operates in the UK and United States.

In a hyper-competitive business world, some job-seekers are increasingly feeling the need to fake resumes to better their chances of landing employment.

Prospective applicants are also becoming more aware that companies are now using software to automatically remove CVs and resumes that don't include certain keywords. But what these applications don't detect are the small (and sometimes big) lies that some job applicants put out to avoid being eliminated in the first place.

EagleCheck, a Barcelona-based startup created by five students, seeks to solve this problem. Decrypt spoke with Lucas Gil Cantón, CEO of EagleCheck, which is using Hyperledger technology to crack down on fake resumes and job fraud.

CV fraud has become so commonplace that many dishonest applicants go unnoticed," Cantón said. "This could be due to growing pressure to fill positions quickly, since a survey conducted by SimplyHired found that 85% of job applicants lie. Meanwhile, 46% of hiring managers don't check references, and 65% don't check a candidate's education," he said.

EagleCheck was founded with seed funding from Mousebelt Accelerator, a Silicon Valley-based CV firm. The company used that funding to grow and develop a solution to tackle job fraud using blockchain.

The startup helps employers check the backgrounds of job applicants, thereby significantly reducing response times by automating this process. "Our decentralized platform helps background detection companies find information more easily and quickly," said Cantón. "Our software uploads the resume information, performs a data integrity check, and once we check that what's there is real, we give the green light," he explained. FULL ARTICLE

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