PageUp, JazzHR Roll Out New Background Check Integrations

PageUp, JazzHR and the caregivers career site myCNAjobs have all announced integrations that provide users with background screening services.

All of the companies sent the same message: By partnering with reference-checking services, they’ll make it easier for employers to verify candidate backgrounds without requiring them to switch back and forth between products.

In PageUp’s case, Sterling is the new partner. The companies’ integration will allow joint customers to use Sterling’s tools without leaving the PageUp workforce management platform. Users will be able to access 11 services, including criminal and international background checks, drug and health screenings and pre-employment verifications.

he integration also offers a data pre-population feature to eliminate duplicate data entry; status updates for both recruiters and candidates; compliance tools; and a mobile-first design.

Separately, Backgrounds Online’ partnered with recruiting platform JazzHR. The arrangement will enable most users to connect their respective accounts within a day. Once that’s done, joint customers will be able to order background checks that will be delivered within three to five business days. They’ll also work with a dedicated account manager and be able to co-brand their pages to create a transparent user experience.

myCNAjobs announced a partnership with SkillSurvey, which provides cloud-based reference checking tools. Through the partnership, myCNAjobs customers can use SkillSurvey Reference at special rates. FULL RELEASE

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