House Democratic proposal would make FBI keep data from incomplete gun background checks

The FBI would have to end a practice of purging gun purchase background checks if they're incomplete, under a bill introduced by Rep. Jimmy Panetta of California, an ally of the House Democratic leadership.

The proposal would require the agency to keep incomplete background checks on file past 88 days, which Panetta said would help stop guns from falling into the hands of people who couldn't otherwise get through government screening.

"As a former prosecutor, I know the importance of keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous people," said Panetta, 50, first elected to the House in 2016 after being a Monterey County, California, prosecutor. "My bill will help in that effort by ensuring people who should not have a firearm don’t get a firearm because of a bureaucratic lapse."

But not everyone agrees.

A spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Mark Oliva, said the proposal could lead to the creation of a national registry of firearms owners.

"If they're going to maintain records beyond the 89 days that have not been resolved then, now, this is creating a registry of those people who may or may not have been able to purchase a firearm in case that went through,” Oliva told the Washington Examiner. FULL ARTICLE