Complexity of New England Ban-the-Box Laws Highlight Reason to Work with Background Screening Agenci

WALTHAM, MASS. (PRWEB) Ban-the-box laws can be unique to an individual state or municipality and this complexity can be highlighted in the New England states where ban-the-box laws are not equal across borders and can create confusion for hiring managers and employers. Adam Almeida, President and CEO of opines: “With new ban-the-box laws being implemented every day, the increasing complexity of asymmetrical laws, such as in the New England states, should immediately push companies to work with a well-qualified pre-employment background screening agency in order to stay compliant with various laws governing the use of criminal background records as part of a background check.”

Not all ban-the-box laws are created equal. Each state or municipality can create laws that may have the same outcome, such as ban-the-box, but different paths of arrival. The New England states prove to be the perfect example of how laws governing pre-employment vetting and background screening are different and with smaller sized states, employer’s face the challenge of managing various and complex laws.

From JD Supra’s webpage on February 19, 2020 (

Many states and localities have been adopting “ban-the-box,” prohibiting employers (including private employers) from asking applicants to disclose information concerning their criminal histories prior to an initial interview or a conditional offer of employment. Currently, all New England states except Maine and New Hampshire have a ban-the-box law that is applicable to private employers. (1) FULL RELEASE

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