InfoMart Adds Fountain to Growing List of ATS Integration Partnerships for Mutual Customer Success

InfoMart, a global background screening company focused on providing modern solutions to companies of all sizes, has integrated their proprietary software with Fountain, an all-in-one hiring platform built for hourly positions. This integration will provide mutual customer benefit via convenient transmission of background check data directly to and from the Fountain platform. Fountain is one of the premier ATS options on the human resources market today, streamlining the entire recruiting and sourcing process from start to finish. InfoMart's extensive suite of screening solutions will work in tandem with the Fountain platform to provide FCRA-compliant background checks and identity verification services.

"Fountain helps companies source top candidates quickly and onboard new employees as efficiently as possible. The integration with InfoMart streamlines that process, offering fast and compliant background screening results directly in our platform," said Keith Ryu, Fountain's CEO. "The result is a beneficial experience for both InfoMart and Fountain clients. It's the best of both worlds." FULL RELEASE