COVID-19: The evolution of background screening

COVID-19 has ushered in changes in just about every area of business. In the last few months businesses have battled with the challenge of not only ensuring the safety of their own staff in the work environment, but also safeguarding corporate data in newly created remote working environments. In these challenging times, the role of supporting and creating great teams falls to HR in a whole new way. As corporate cultures have changed almost overnight with the traditional working environment shifting dramatically.

And background screening has been no exception to this evolution. In the last few months, as many industries have been forced to close up shop or work completely remotely, this has posed unique questions for hiring teams that still need to conduct robust and compliant background screening in order to secure the best talent.

With in-person verification difficult as a result of lockdown, many companies have had to be innovative in their approaches to prevent falling foul of the rules.

Going forward, while restrictions are easing across the world, and some sectors are beginning to hire again as we emerge from the crisis, the fact that social distancing is set to remain in place means that background checks must continue to evolve. Here’s what HR teams need to know.

Adapting and overcoming challenges

As COVID-19 started its rapid spread across the globe, the biggest challenge when it came to screening staff was successfully continuing checks as sources were restricted or closed, meaning in-person verification wasn’t possible in some instances. However, the level of flexibility around how these checks were conducted has increased to some degree as a result of the pandemic. FULL ARTICLE

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