TazWorks Releases Newest Partnership Program, the CRA Marketplace

SALT LAKE CITY /PRNewswire/ -- TazWorks™, the leader in technology solutions for the background screening industry, today announced the release of the CRA Marketplace, a showcase website, that gives background screening professionals the ability to find innovative products and services that will help them grow their business. The CRA Marketplace is a cost-effective way for HR technology companies, consultants, and service providers to connect with the background screening industry.

"We wanted to give our clients easy access to innovative products and services that will help them solve problems and offer new services to their clients, and that is what the CRA Marketplace is," said Joe Olsen, TazWorks Chief Operating Officer, "it's designed to help CRAs stay ahead of the competition."

"We are thrilled with the initial partners we have chosen to participate in the marketplace, and we are just getting started," said Kary Burns, TazWorks VP of Marketing. "Visitors to the marketplace will find products and services they didn't know existed. A great new way to share ideas and find new offerings without having to aimlessly search the web or go to a tradeshow during this era of COVID." FULL RELEASE