St. Paul’s Proposed Tenant Screening Ordinance Should Make All Landlords & Property Manager’s Ta

Recently the city council of St. Paul, Minnesota, moved forward with plans to enact a new tenant screening ordinance, one that would greatly affect landlords and property managers. Adam Almeida, President and CEO of opined, “St. Paul is a city that other cities watch regarding tenant screening policy and when an action is proposed landlords should take note and, subsequently, work with a well-qualified third-party tenant screening agency, such as, in order to remain fully compliant with law.

Recently, the City of St. Paul’s City Council proposed a new ordinance that would show how landlords and properties would utilize public records as part of applicant vetting. The effort is an attempt to create greater equality for potential renters.

From the Star Tribune on June 24, 2020:

The St. Paul City Council is moving forward with a tenant screening ordinance that would change how landlords use criminal histories, past evictions or credit scores when considering new tenants.

The council, which held a public hearing Wednesday on the proposed ordinance, has touted it as another step forward for the city's efforts to build equality while also curbing longtime barriers that often make it difficult for people with criminal background records or evictions, low-income households and people of color to find affordable housing in the city's tight market. More than half of the city's residents are renters. (1)

Almeida adds: “As St. Paul has a significant renter population, other municipalities may take note to these new ordinances and that should raise an alarm for landlords and property managers across the country.”

Council members cite the new ordinance as a means of relieving stress put upon renters, in part from the COVID 19 outbreak, but this legislation could face challenges from landlords FULL RELEASE

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