PBSA and Release 2020 Background Screening Industry Survey

In June 2020, the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and released the 4th annual industry survey entitled “Background Screening: Trends and Uses in Today’s Global Economy.” The PBSA commissioned to conduct the survey that revealed emerging trends in who is being screened and how often, what elements go into a background check, and the increasing value of international screening.

The findings of the 2020 survey from the PBSA and showed that 94 percent of employers conducted at least one type of background screening, while 73 percent of employers had a documented screening policy. The survey also found that 85 percent of employers said access to international screening capabilities was important, with 57 percent of them saying international screening was important to their organization directly.

Survey results indicated that the reasons for conducting background checks were largely the same as previous years and included protecting the safety of employees and customers (83 percent), improving the quality of hires (51 percent), and mandated by law/regulations (40 percent). Survey respondents also cited protecting company reputation and preventing or reducing theft and embezzlement as motivation for background checks. FULL BLOG ENTRY

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