Rentec Direct Announces New Updates to Tenant Screening Features

Rentec Direct, the highest-rated property management software solution, is pleased to announce an update to its credit report feature that benefits tenants, landlords and property managers. Rentec Direct provides instant tenant screening report access to property management software clients, including TransUnion credit reports. This latest update means all Rentec Direct credit reports will now result in soft inquiries for rental applicants, which will not affect their credit score.

“Rentec Direct offers instant access to several tenant screening reports so landlords and property managers can make informed decisions and choose the most qualified tenants for their rental properties,” said Nathan Miller, President of Rentec Direct. “Evaluating a renter’s credit score and credit history is an objective assessment of an applicant's financial responsibility.”

While a hard credit inquiry can lower a rental applicant’s credit score, a soft credit inquiry typically takes place as part of a background check process and will not affect credit score. Property managers often have a minimum credit score that applicants must meet as part of their tenant screening approval process, and for applicants with lower credit scores, avoiding any sort of negative impact on credit score is essential. Landlords and property managers may find it beneficial to market the fact that they offer soft credit inquiries as part of the background screening process to help attract potential tenants. FULL RELEASE

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