4 Reasons to Re-Examine Your Hiring Practices

Times are changing and recruiting practices need to keep up with them. The times when you put out a job advertisement and waiting for the candidates to knock nervously at your door are gone. In a candidate-driven market, employers must change both their recruiting technique and attitude. Here are a few factors to consider to improve your company’s hiring practices.

Recruitment Automation Tools

The process of hiring a new employee is time-consuming and most of that time is spent looking through applications and resumes. A company that relies on the traditional way of posting a job opening on a job board risks losing very good candidates. The main reason is that most highly skilled candidates already have a job and aren’t even checking job boards.

This is where recruitment software comes in. Using modern recruitment tools allows a company to quickly identify the most suitable candidates and reach out to them. From this moment on, it’s the recruiter’s job to convince a suitable candidate to apply for the job. FULL ARTICLE