Employee Background Screening is Escalating - According to New HR Research Study

Employee background screening has grown even more common over the last several years, and such screening applies to a broader range of workers than ever before. Today, 90% of employers screen all full-time employees, up from 86% in 2019 and 83% in 2017. What's more, employers have also become more likely to screen part-time employees and contingent employees as well as volunteer workers.

The free research report, Background Screening: Trends and Uses in Today's Global Economy, is now available for download.'s HR Research Institute partnered with the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) to conduct the study of HR professionals in order to understand current employee background screening usage and trends as well as what features and applications are key to ensuring organizations are safeguarding their workforce.

Study results also revealed the top three reasons for conducting background checks are:

  • protecting the safety of employees and customers (83%),

  • improving the quality of hires (51%), and

  • mandated by law/regulations (40%).

Along with the recent growth of screening, it appears that background checks are becoming more robust. Employers are checking significantly more individuals and also including more elements of non-criminal record checks. These checks can include employment verification, social media searches, credit reports and professional license verification. FULL RELEASE