Pre-employment Screening: Is it Really Important?

As an employer, recruiting the right employee for your job positions. With a mobile workforce and global economy, you don’t only want to rely on candidate interviews for decision-making, because the person you hire to work at your company can make or break it.

In recent research, found out that 96% of employers in the U.S conducted a pre-employment screening. It was necessary to find out information about a candidate’s behavior that could help employers assess the potential risks that the candidate may pose.

Therefore, you need to carry out an effective pre-employment screening on your candidates to ensure your company is safe and enjoyable to work in. A screening provider such as peopleg2 can assist you in designing a program that matches your company’s needs.

1. To Hire Quality Professionals

Before hiring, you want to ensure that the applicants are the people they claim to be on their resumes. Background checks will allow you to find out if the applicant has given false information about his qualifications. When you do this, you’ll hire people who will add value to your company.

A recent survey shows that the quality of hires improved due to screening. According to the study, around 70% of applicants misrepresented information more than once. Those who committed negative acts in the past also misrepresented their employment history, criminal history, and employment legibility. Without employment screening, hiring such people would potentially create legal, financial, and regulatory risks for your organization. FULL ARTICLE

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