Background Intelligence Data Leader, Appriss, Announces Acquisition of Securitec Screening Solutions

Appriss Expands Industry-Leading Data & Insights Platform Through Securitec Screening Acquisition

Acquisition of Securitec Screening, an innovative court data and RPA-driven research provider, strengthens Appriss’s position as a leading cloud-based, wholesale data platform focused on identifying and mitigating people-based risks.

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Appriss Inc., a leading provider of data analytics solutions, today announced its acquisition of Securitec Screening Solutions, a top wholesale data provider to the background screening industry.

“We have been on a multi-year journey to deliver the nation’s leading data and analytics platform to improve workplace and community safety. Securitec is another important addition to round out the platform and team,” said Krishnan Sastry, CEO of Appriss Inc. “With a shared vision of leveraging data to improve the world around us, we are delighted to welcome Securitec under our shared banner of ‘Knowledge for good.’ The team adds significant expertise in public records and brings unique technology and data assets to the Appriss Insights division and its continued trajectory of growth.”

Founded in 2005 by current President and CEO Jessica James, Securitec Screening provides a wholesale, proprietary Court Data as a Service (CDaaS) solution that offers robotic process automation (RPA) technology and data services to the background screening industry. The Roanoke, Virginia-based company delivers court data and background research for a variety of use cases, including employment screening, tenant screening, legal research, and investigation.

Securitec Screening will become part of Appriss Insights, further enhancing its Risk Intelligence suite of solutions. Securitec Screening is Appriss Insights’ fifth acquisition in the last two years, following HygenicsData (HDI), CrimeFinders Inc. (CFi), Innovative Enterprises, Inc. (IEI), and Typhoon Data.

“Securitec is thrilled to be joining an industry leader with a history of technology innovation and a long-term vision for growth,” said Jessica James, CEO of Securitec. “By joining Appriss, we can continue to provide the best combination of court data and services in today’s background screening marketplace and reach a wider scope of customers and partners.” FULL RELEASE

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