ClearStar Appointed By Alayacare As Background Screening Supplier

ALPHARETTA, GA. (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 28, 2020 - ClearStar, a provider of Human Capital IntegritySM technology-based services specializing in background and medical screening, announces that it has signed an agreement for an integration with a leading end-to-end homecare software platform, AlayaCare. The company is the first background screening supplier to partner with AlayaCare, which will enable users of the platform to seamlessly access ClearStar’s services alongside their other workforce and business management activities.

AlayaCare, which serves up to 500 global clients, provides a single, integrated platform that supports agencies in every element of homecare management. It offers solutions spanning from patient portals and for clinical documentation to mobile care worker management and back office services.

The integration will provide AlayaCare users in the U.S. and Canada access ClearStar’s services directly through the platform. This will streamline hiring and workforce management processes for AlayaCare users as the background screen will be coordinated with their other activities through a single platform. As a result, AlayaCare users will benefit from increased operational efficiencies leading to improved patient outcomes. FULL RELEASE