Corra Group Prepares for Transformation Hiring Practices for the Surge in Holiday Season...

Corra Group is preparing to supply employment screening to what has been a transformation hiring process that includes both the dramatic change in consumer shopping patterns and the challenges posed by the persistent COVID-19 pandemic. The El Segundo, California headquartered background checking service has seen employer hiring practices for the holiday season change dramatically due to the new staffing requirements involved in servicing its consumers.

“We are living in a different world and the holiday season, especially the holiday season hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic is no exception,” said Corra Group Co-Founder, Gordon Basichis. We are increasingly in the age of online shopping, as opposed to brick and mortar stores. The need for retail clerks has diminished accordingly.

“In place of brick and mortar retail staff, businesses need warehouse workers and drivers,” said Basichis. “They need logistics people who can expedite and bolster supply chains, and fulfillment workers who can place the orders and see that they are delivered on time and not too late for the holiday season. Light truck and delivery drivers are in shortage, and is essential to hire them when you can. Corra Group is a one stop employment screening service that offers everything from criminal records checks to motor vehicle driving records for the increase in those working not just during the holiday season but in what we consider the new economy. MVRS typically return in sixty seconds.”

Basichis noted that according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, warehouse and storage jobs in September alone increase by more than 32,000 new hires. He cited the same article where it was reported the courier and messenger delivery services in September hired more than 10,000 new workers. FULL RELEASE

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