Four Hiring Tips When Scaling Your Tech Company

As the founder of two tech startup companies, I understand that hiring is a challenge that all businesses face. From the current economic climate, to the ongoing global pandemic, to election uncertainty — a handful of uncontrollable factors impact the technology industry today. However, it’s important to remember that the only thing you have complete control over in your business is who you put on your payroll.

When looking to hire employees for your tech company, you’ll need a reliable hiring process in place in addition to having access to tips and tricks for hiring. Below are several best practices hiring managers can follow to hire top talent effectively.

Create a memorable candidate experience.

For each step of the recruitment process, you must be thinking of the candidate and putting them first. If you find yourself wondering what the first step is, I’m here to tell you the candidate experience kicks off when an applicant sees your job posting and role description. From this moment on, you must keep each applicant engaged for the remaining steps of the hiring process. Recruiting is a two-way process. If you aren’t frequently interacting with job seekers, they’ll be turned off and disappear. If you’re genuinely interested in building your best team, respond to applicants quickly, and continuously communicate with them throughout the entire life cycle of the recruitment process.

Choose a trusted background-screening provider.

Seek out a comprehensive “one-stop-shop” provider rather than piece together screening services from multiple providers. From identity search and criminal history to employment verification, one single provider should be able to offer everything you need now and as you grow. Additionally, your provider should be fully compliant. Under no circumstances should you conduct background check programs without a well-reviewed compliance policy. Compliance is a crucial part of the screening process and is required by law. FULL ARTICLE

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