Helloverify's HelloV: Get instant background verification on WhatsApp

Helloverify's new service is targeted at both individuals and small businesses, and people can use this service to verify their tenants, employees, drivers, nannies, security guards, cooks or other domestic help instantly. The service even checks for criminal records apart from identity and address checks.

Tech-enabled background verification service provider Helloverify has launched HelloV which will be an instant background verification service over WhatsApp.

Here, companies as well as individuals can get background screening done over a few steps on WhatsApp.

This is the first such service available in India. A typical background check takes between two to three weeks to be completed. With this service the report is present within a few minutes. Since background checks are mandatory at about 60-65 percent of companies in India, having an instant service would speed up the hiring process.

Varun Mirchandani, CEO & Cofounder, Helloverify told Moneycontrol that the new service will make background verification quick and efficient. FULL ARTICLE