Hireshield Announces Debut of Its New Rapid-Process System for Background Checks

(DALLAS, Texas) — NEWS: For the past four years Hireshield, a Dallas firm serving small to medium companies undertake background checks that assure the quality of new hires, has been responsible for undertaking more than 750,000 candidate checks. As of 2021, that number is projected to climb as the result of an innovative new system just put into place that moves background data processing at warp speed, getting information to companies faster and more accurately than ever before.

“We are proud to announce that we have completed the install of a system that allows us to run hundreds and thousands of background checks instantly by loading candidate resumes at such a rapid pace, results can be produced every seven seconds,” said Vincent Faviano, President of Sales.

“Because this system is so new and unique, our clients don’t have to wait while we input one CVS after another. Instead, we simply upload a spreadsheet and wait minutes for the results that begin to appear in a client’s account almost immediately.”

Using this new system, every background check is personalized with the client’s company logo so there is no confusion about the proprietary nature of the information on the finished product. “It’s a seamless, efficient and streamlined process likely to revolutionize the way companies clear large numbers of job candidates at affordable rates,” added Faviano. FULL RELEASE

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